Tell powerful, data-driven stories

As marketers, it has never been more difficult to gain attention. We are publishing more than ever, but we’re often faced with declining engagement.

One powerful opportunity: original research.

Only 37% of B2B marketers use original research in their content marketing (Source: CMI/MarketingProfs). And, of those who do, we see common struggles:

  • Knowing how to get started
  • Figuring out what specific topic to cover
  • Creating the survey
  • Getting respondents
  • Doing more with your research after you publish the original findings

Our mission is to help marketers publish research that gets attention and propels their brands forward. Pick the path that is best for you.

  • Getting started: Get a detailed strategy and project plan customized to your business so you can execute your project in-house -- or figure out where you need help so you can spend your time and money most effectively. Our Research Roadmap is the best place to start if you are new to research.
  • Creating research for your brand: Get help with all stages of the research process. Check out our services for marketers.
  • Creating research for your clients: Add original research to your portfolio of services. Learn more about our services for agencies.