You likely know original research is a very effective way to build authority, backlinks and leads . . . but if you have tried this type of project, you also know it's complex.

There are a lot of steps along the way, and it’s easy to unintentionally make mistakes that cost time, money, or even credibility.

At Mantis, we work with brand marketers, agency owners and freelancers like you who want to publish research that is credible and meaningful for their brand or client.

How to Publish Research that Makes an Impact

While there are a lot of things companies can do to be successful with their research, we focus on three things. In fact, these are so important that we have built them into our process we follow for every client engagement. 

Credible Data 

Effective research starts with credible data. It's table stakes  . . . but it's easy to make unintentional mistakes that erode the value of your research. 

Exploration of Story

Your data needs to DO something, MEAN something. We help you explore the stories that will make an impact for your audience.


Once your research is complete you need to have a solid plan  to launch your findings and extend the life of your research. 

Get the help you need

Done for you services

Our most common client engagement helping clients conduct research that is both credible and story-worthy. It starts with documenting the plan and ends with ample data and editorial ideas that serve as a jumping off point for an endless stream of meaningful content.

Additional services include qualitative interviews, report writing and amplification/repurposing plans. 

Done for you services start at $15,000.

Survey review

If you conducting your research in-house, my one piece of advice is to get help with your survey. It's essential you ask great the right questions so your data is both credible and meaningful. This new services provides two rounds of feedback on your next survey so you can launch with confidence. (You also get free and immediate access to the course, Build a Better survey.)


Build a Better Survey is step-by-step, on-demand training that walks you through the process you need to write story-worthy and credible survey questions. Workbook and templates included to make the process as easy and straighforward as possible. 

Some clients are startups who want a cornerstone piece of content to get their business on the map. With only one study, they they have been able to markedly increase key metrics such as backlinks, email subscribers and domain authority.  

Other clients publish annual research that is a backbone for the editorial strategy. One study can lead to a myriad of content such as blog posts, webinars, social media posts and more. It's a steady stream of effective, unique content.

Regardless of your goal, our goal remains the same: your success. 

Ronnie Higgins | Eventbrite

Eventbrite has partnered with Mantis on our annual trends report for the last 3 years and couldn't be more satisfied. Mantis doesn't just help you conduct original research, they apply their extensive marketing and branding know-how to ensure you're capturing valuable, actionable insight.

Renee Chemel  | PowerInbox

Working with Mantis on our first research project was money well spent. Mantis was the right partner because they asked thoughtful questions and helped us dive into a topic that was not straightforward. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the engagement? This was a lot of fun!

Andrea Fryrear | AgileSherpas

We recently worked with Mantis Research on our second annual State of Agile Marketing report. While last year's report was well-received and resulted in new clients, we wanted this year's research to work harder for us. Mantis consulted throughout the project, starting with developing a proposal so we could get our research sponsored, going through the process of designing the report and then offering ideas on how we could amplify the findings. This year's results are well ahead of last year's, including leads and media coverage. I would definitely recommend working with Mantis to get the most out of your research efforts!

Hailley Griffis | Buffer

After a long time spent admiring Michele’s work, it was such a pleasure to work with her at Mantis Research. Michele took a survey we were running a second time and helped turn it into something much stronger. Her thoughtful advice and expertise went a long way into making the final results and the final study more powerful and enticing. I can highly recommend Michele and Mantis Research for their in-depth knowledge and dedicated work ethic.  

Natasha Wahid | FullStory 

Working with Mantis on this project was far and away one of the best experiences I’ve had with a third-party partner. They were thoughtful, responsive, collaborative, flexible—it truly felt like a partnership.

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