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Research Services

Our goal is to help your original research shine. How we get there, though, is up to you:

  • Research roadmap: Get a detailed strategy and plan so you can execute your project in-house -- or figure out where you need help. This service is ideal for clients on a budget or those with a complex project. 
  • Project "in a box": Get full support for your project, including strategy, survey design, data collection, analysis, your findings and an amplification.
  • Workshops and training: Learn the ins and outs of creating and publishing research so you can execute projects in house.
  • Agency services: White-label our services so you can offer research to your clients.

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Why we are different

The best research for content marketing focuses on two elements: data + story. It’s about telling a story that’s original and profoundly relevant -- and is based on valid, accurate data. Our goal is to help you get attention through these data-driven stories. Rather create your research in-house? We also offer education (in fact, it's in our DNA).