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Become a brand authority by publishing 
original, survey-based research


How we help

We help content marketers and community managers conduct and publish credible and story-worthy survey-based research. 

  • Strategy and Data Science: Our most common client engagement starts with strategy and ends with ample data and editorial ideas that serve as a jumping-off point for an endless stream of meaningful content.

  • Custom research: Want to do more with your research? We can develop a plan that includes customized research findings and amplification assets that will help you make the impact you desire.

  • Coaching and training: Our new coaching and and training program shows you how to execute your own research. 

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“Working with Mantis on our first research project was money well spent. Mantis was the right partner because they asked thoughtful questions and helped us dive into a topic that was not straightforward. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the engagement? This was a lot of fun!"

Renee Chemel


How we are different

The best research for content marketing focuses on three things: data + story + amplification. It’s about telling a story that’s original and profoundly relevant -- and is based on valid, accurate data. 

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Do you want to brainstorm how original research can help you become an authority in your industry? Or do you already have a project in mind? 

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