Actionable and approachable sessions for your events and associations

Are you looking for a speaker who can talk about original research in an approachable, non-weedy way? Just like the reports we produce, we’re a mix of story (loads of examples) and data (lots of specific actions you can take.)

Original research can be a great topic for your next marketing event or association meeting. Not only is original research an untapped opportunity for many marketers, but it’s also not a topic we have seen at many marketing events. It’s that new and trendy topic (that truly has been used for decades) that get your participants thinking in a new way.

Reach out to request Clare or Michele to speak at your next event or webinar.

Our upcoming events
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  • Digital Summit Boston (August 15 - 16)
  • Content Marketing World, Cleveland, OH (September 4 - 7)
  • Digital Summit Detroit (September 12 - 13)

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