Actionable and approachable sessions for your events and associations

Are you looking for a speaker who can talk about original research in an approachable, non-weedy way? Just like the reports we produce, we’re a mix of story (loads of examples) and data (lots of specific actions you can take.)

Original research can be a great topic for your next marketing event or association meeting. Not only is original research an untapped opportunity for many marketers, but it’s also not a topic we have seen at many marketing events. It’s that new and trendy topic (that truly has been used for decades) that get your participants thinking in a new way.

Reach out to request Clare or Michele to speak at your next event or webinar.

Our upcoming events
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  • Digital Summit Boston (August 15 - 16)
  • Content Marketing World, Cleveland, OH (September 4 - 7)
  • Digital Summit Detroit (September 12 - 13)

Feedback on our sessions

"Absolutely helpful. By far one of the best presentations."

"Awesome! I just went through this and there was very little to draw from. . . You can tell that she put a lot of work into, what I believe is, completely original material."

“One of the few sessions I have been to today that revealed real, actionable info. Not just the what but the how. Great job!!”

“This was, by far, the best session I went to today. So much actual info that can be USED right away.”

“Michele served up 5 useful lessons that every (B2B) content marketer needs. Even better, she backed it up with data.”

“Michele's presentation was so informative and still accessible to everyone in the room regardless of where they are in their content marketing strategy.”