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Publishing your own original research is a huge opportunity for you to say something your audience wants to hear. In fact, research shows 74% of people involved in B2B decision-making consider original research to be influential in the buying process.

Regardless, if you’re just getting started and need some guidance, or if you have data but aren’t sure how to tell the story, we’re here to help.

While all research projects are customized, here is a sampling of common projects and pricing.

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The Research Roadmap sets your project up for success. The best research plans start with the end in mind, so we walk you through the key things you need to think about at the outset of your project so you are spending time — and money — where it makes the most sense.

Ideal for:

Those who have in-house data collection, writing, and design

Those who are new to research who want to understand how it works and where they may need help


This service is for companies that want help with their research from start to finish. Not only do we help clients with the strategy, data collection, research journalism and design, but we also provide a plan on how they can extend their research through a distribution plan as well as related assets.

Ideal for:

Companies that want to outsource the entire project


This option is for companies that need assistance with survey design, data collection, and data analysis. You’ll receive a summary of the high-level and/or detailed findings you can use to create your report and all other related content assets.

Ideal for:

Those who have in-house strategy, writing, and design

Those who desire a final data set to use as a source for content marketing efforts


This service is for those who have data from a survey or another source but need help crafting a story and/or report that combines a compelling story and strong dataviz.

Ideal for:

Companies that already have data but need help understanding and telling the most interesting story 

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