Research Roadmap

Get a customized and detailed step-by-step plan

Many marketers we talk to are interested in research, but they either don’t know how to get started or feel uncertain about executing it.

Other marketers want to get a sponsor for their research project and want help understanding the best topic, the cost of the project and the timeframe.

If this describes you, consider the Research Roadmap

The Research Roadmap is a three-week engagement that kicks off with a team call so we can understand what you want to get from your research and answer any questions you may have. We will also request all pertinent positioning and marketing materials so we can learn as much as possible about what you are trying to accomplish. (Of course, we can sign an NDA.)

At the end of the engagement, you’ll receive a very detailed strategy and project plan that provides the following:

  • Detailed topic suggestions (including a look at third-party research already published)

  • An overview of proposed goals and how you will measure success

  • Key questions you need to answer internally before starting your project

  • Ideas for the research report and data visualizations you can create from your initial findings

  • Specific ideas on how to best distribute/amplify your findings

  • A sample project plan with detailed steps

At the completion of the Research Roadmap, you decide what additional support you may need (such as survey design, data collection or research journalism) and what you want to handle in-house.

Sounds easy? It is. Contact us today to learn more or get started.