Research Journalism

Tell your story in a way that captivates your audience

You want your research to get attention (why else would you publish it)? For that to happen, your findings need to have two things: valid, accurate data and a compelling storyline.

This may sound simple, but here is what sometimes happens:

You (or the firm you’re using) is super focused on data. This is great  . . . except when your findings are convoluted and complex. You have so many valid data points to share, but your readers are left wondering what they can do with the data you present. How will it make their life better or easier?

Or sometimes you have a story in mind you want to tell, but your sample size is too small to be significant. Or you realize you didn’t ask the right questions to have credible data. (Unfortunately, these issues need to be addressed earlier in the process so you’re not left with an uninteresting story because you don’t have the right data).

In short, research journalism brings the best of the two worlds together: a solid understanding of data with the ability to transform it into a story.

It also brings in elements that makes your story shareable, such as dataviz, influencer quotes and more.

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