Amplification and Measurement

Go beyond the original report to get your research the attention it deserves

Once  your findings are ready, it’s time to get the word out. There are four steps in this process.

home base for your findings 

Remember: your goal is to get attention for your research. You need a place to drive all the traffic your findings are attracting--and that spot should not be the PDF of your findings.

Typical home bases include:

  • A blog post
  • A landing page (both gated and ungated)
  • A research hub that includes the report and many related assets

An advanced copy of  the research 

A wonderful way to spread the word about your research findings is to send an embargoed copy of your report to influencers. An embargoed copy is an exclusive sneak peek that you share so influencers can write about and/or share the findings with their audiences.

The word out 

Just as with any piece of content, there are three ways to promote your research:

  • Search / SEO
  • Social
  • Email

Develop a plan to get your research out whenever your audience may be looking for information.

Related content 

The last -- and ongoing -- step in any research project is most often forgotten. Research can be the jumping off point for a treasure trove of related assets you can publish to continue to get attention. And, it keeps your editorial pipeline filled.

You have an opportunity to create so much related content including blog posts, datagraphics, infographics, webinars, and much more.

Learn more about the research process

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