Research Process

People often ask what makes Mantis different. The short answer: we live at the intersection of original research and content marketing. 

The longer answer: We believe in the power of research that is credible. That is full of insight. That is useful. That has a marketing plan behind it so it gets to the right people -- and your business gets the results it desires.

Yet, it’s easy to unintentionally miss steps or make mistakes that cost you time, money, results or even credibility. 

Our ideal clients are marketers, agency owners and freelancers like you who want to create research that is credible and that makes a difference in the lives of your ideal audience.

While there are many ways we do this, we have created and continue to refine our 4-step process. The mission: help you create research that makes an impact by focusing the three things we know makes any research project a success:

  • Credible data
  • Exploration of story
  • Amplification plan

Introducing the IDEA model


The goal of this step is to identify the impact you want your research to have and create a plan to get there. 

  • How do you want your audience to think differently?
  • What impact do you want to see in your marketing? Your business?
  • How will you get the right people to respond to your survey? 
  • What is the next action you want someone to take once they’ve read your research?
  • How do you design a research project that gets you your desired impact? 

The goal of this step is to create survey questions that are both valid but will also result in meaningful insights and stories. The specific steps include: 

  • Designing your survey 
  • Programming your survey using the right technology 
  • Testing the survey 
  • Fielding the survey and answering questions while it’s in the field 
  • Cleaning the data 
  • Analyzing the results 
  • Running crosstabs
  • Exploring the data and pulling out key editorial insights

Once the you have your data, you need to uncover the key insights and prepare your launch plan. This step includes: 

  • Deciding if you want to gate your research 
  • Determining what you want someone to do once they download your research 
  • Writing and designing your report
  • Creating a key page for your research 
  • Creating basic assets to launch your research

When done well, you'll be able to re-imagine your research in many different ways. During this last step, we will prioritizing your amplification opportunities to help you make the impact you desire. 

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