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State of Original Research for Marketing 2018

In early 2018, we partnered with Buzzsumo and set out to answer questions such as these:

  • Should more marketers publish their own research?
  • And, if marketers are publishing research, what’s working -- and what isn’t?
  • If marketers aren’t publishing research, are they planning to? Why or why not?

Nearly 700 marketers responded, and the results can be found in our new report, State of Original Research for Marketing 2018.

Read detailed findings or get the highlights below.

How many marketers are using or considering original research?

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Approximately half of marketers are using original research. Of those:

  • The majority of marketers (56%) report it has either exceeded or met all/the majority of expectations
  • Only 3% say it hasn’t met expectations

Approximately half of marketers are not using original research. Of those:

  • Half are considering research in the next 12 months
  • An additional 19% are considering research, but they need more than 12 months to invest

What is original research?

Original research means analyzing data in a new way, and publishing the results with the intent of getting attention, changing how your audience thinks, and elevating your brand authority. Examples of original research for marketing include: industry benchmarks, salary guides, “State of” reports, analysis of public or private data to look for trends, etc.

It is not research you conduct to make internal decisions such as market research, customer research or competitive research.

Key stats


Users planning to conduct additional research in the next 12 months


Users who report better editorial ideas because of their research


Those who are not using research who are considering it within 12 months 

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BuzzSumo and Mantis Research surveyed 698 marketers from around the world in January and February of 2018.

  • Slightly more than half (53%) of respondents work in B2B, 16% work in B2C, 26% work in companies that serve both B2B and B2C, and 5% came from government and non-profits.
  • Most respondents came from the US (50%); the other most highly represented regions were Europe (24%) and APAC countries (8%).
  • Nearly a third (32%) work for agencies (advertising & marketing), followed by technology (20%) and professional services & consulting firms (13%).

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If you want additional information about the research -- or you want to interview anyone from the Mantis Research team about the results or how to create original research, reach out to Clare or Michele. We're happy to be interviewed for your blog or podcast, write guest posts or speak to you about any aspect of the research process.

Why original research works

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