You may be here because you've seen or heard about the many benefits of original, survey-based research: 

  • Backlinks from others who link to your research and cite you as an authority in your industry.
  • Mentions from media and influencers in your space.
  • New leads and email subscribers
  • Invitations to speak on podcasts or at industry events
  • Requests to guest post on other websites
  • A seemingly endless stream of content that tells a story backed by data

I can tell you first-hand: survey-based research does work. 

When you answer the "burning questions" your audience wants to know, you're adding something new and something meaningful to your space. (No me-too content for you.)

But, not all original research is created equal.

It's easy to have the best of intentions when creating research, but, for many, this is a new type of project and it's easy to unintentionally make mistakes that cost time, money, and, worst of all, credibility. 

Here's some common mistakes:

  • Creating research because you know it works  . . . but not specifically defining how you want it to impact your business  
  • Writing survey questions that are unclear or leading. Not only are questions difficult to answer, but the data you get back isn’t meaningful. 
  • Drafting surveys that are too long and that people abandon.
  • Allowing anyone to take your survey instead of focusing on the right people and disqualifying those who don’t fit your target profile
  • Forgetting to include quality checks your survey or cleaning your data so it's as valid as possible. 
  • Reporting a bunch of data without a story behind it (it doesn’t mean anything) 
  • Forgetting to include a solid methodology that provides credibility
  • Keep your research behind a form and not sharing the results
  • Launching your research without a solid plan behind it
  • Leaving data and stories on the table if you only publish one report 

At Mantis, our mission is to help marketers, agency owners and freelancers create research they are proud of and that gets results.

To do this, we have a specific process we have honed over the years that focuses on the aspects that are essential if you want to create credible, story-wothy research that makes your desired impact.

It truly felt like a partnership

"Working with Mantis on this project was far and away one of the best experiences I’ve had with a third-party partner. They were thoughtful, responsive, collaborative, flexible—it truly felt like a partnership."

Natasha Wahid | FullStory

Valuable, actionable insight

"Eventbrite has partnered with Mantis on our annual trends report for the last 3 years and couldn't be more satisfied. Mantis doesn't just help you conduct original research, they apply their extensive marketing and branding know-how to ensure you're capturing valuable, actionable insight."

Ronnie Higgins | Eventbrite

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