Learn why our passion is original research

Many people ask, “Why did you start a firm focused on creating original research?

Like many things in life, the decision was a mix of many factors + some serendipity. And once the idea formed, it was something that we simply couldn’t not do.

Our story begins in 2010 when we met . . . through Content Marketing Institute’s inaugural (and now annual) content marketing research project. Michele was the first person Joe Pulizzi hired to build and launch CMI, and Clare joined shortly thereafter when she was invited to launch Chief Content Officer magazine.

Little did we know back then how integral this research would be to CMI’s growth (and eventual acquisition), and how it would lead to Mantis Research.

Over the years, we dug into the content marketing space. Clare was chief editor for CCO magazine (CMI’s print publication for marketing leaders) while she worked with other clients on a range of projects, but focusing heavily on (and finding the most joy with) research-based projects.  

Meanwhile, Michele was engrossed with CMI, spending her days building out educational content (aka editorial) to help marketers with the “how-to” of content marketing. While that idea is ubiquitous now, CMI was one of the first platforms dedicated to this.

Fast-forward to 2017 when we were both looking for our next step, and many signs and paths pointed to this terrific opportunity for many marketers: original research. We decided to combine our talents to create (what we believe is) the first consultancy dedicated to educating marketers about original research.

On a more personal note, we are thrilled to be working together. The way we work is very similar (we are both scrappy risk-takers, and we thrive on delivering a great experience to clients), but our thought processes and interests are different. We have happily discovered that 1+ 1 is more than 2 in this case.

We’re both excited to have this opportunity to build this business together — and, more importantly, help marketers create something we believe so passionately in.

Original Research Works